Let intelligent technology streamline processes, provide visibility into spending, and help auditors be more agile.

Automate processes and help auditors do their jobs

Human auditors are vital to an organization’s ability to control spending. Verify uses intelligent technology to enhance and automate processes, give auditors more visibility into spending, and protect your company’s bottom line.

  • Streamline processes and make decisions faster
  • Give auditors time to focus on high-risk transactions
  • Identify duplications, unintentional errors, and out-of-policy spending
  • See spending patterns that manual processes can’t

Verify FAQ

Improve employee experiences while protecting your bottom line

Adding intelligent technology to the auditing process allows your team to review expenses more efficiently and reimburse employees faster. With greater visibility into spending, auditors can also hold employees accountable and resolve spending discrepancies before they become problems.

Integrate tools that learn, evolve, and improve over time

Verify uses technology that integrates directly with your expense solution and evolves over time. By having access to more spending insights, your organization can meet its specific needs and improve business outcomes.

  • Optimize spending insights to guide approval decisions
  • Provide more thorough compliance checks
  • Work smarter, be more efficient, and improve accuracy

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