Windows Xp Sp3 7 Ultimate Royale (x86)

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    Windows Xp Sp3 7 Ultimate Royale (x86) | 703.2.0 Mb

    Windows 7 is doing much better out of the gate than Windows Vista did. As good as the OS roll out is going, there are still legacy devices out there that don't have drivers and software updates to work with Windows 7. The vast masses of users who have held on to Windows XP are particularly vulnerable to this issue which is why Microsoft created XP Mode virtualization to ease the pain of transition.
    XP Mode is a complete, licensed copy of Windows XP with Service Pack 3 contained in a virtual hard disk (VHD) that runs under Windows Virtual PC. XP-mode enables you to run Windows XP from within Windows 7. You can add USB devices and seamlessly access the drives on the host Windows 7 system. Most importantly, Windows XP-mode lets you use Windows 7, while still providing a platform for you to use legacy hardware that is not compatible with Windows 7.

    There is a catch though. Windows XP Mode is only available for the Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Windows 7. The millions of consumers who are still using Windows XP and are considering whether or not to switch to Windows 7 Home Premium do not have the benefit of leveraging XP Mode to connect older hardware or incompatible software. This build has been designed regarding final look and responsible OS everyone needs.

    Operating system: Windows Xp SP3 x86 (32-bit)
    Format: ISO Image
    Name ISO: SVNN_XPSP3
    ISO Size: 699 Mb
    Author: Thestrength

    • Support Sata
    • Support Raid
    • SCSI Support
    • Auto Drivers Get - Skydriver v9.9 Included
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Windows Media Player 11
    • Hotfixes
    • Update Online
    • CD Keys: Already Available Added. No Keys Needed.
    • Windows 7 Other Themes
    • Toolbar
    • Complete Windows 7 Look & Menu
    • Softwares Compatibility

    Minimum System Requirements:
    • Intel Pentium4 2.4GHz
    • 512MB Ram
    • 128MB Graphic Memory
    • 2.5GB Hard Disk Space Needed
    • CD/DVD ROM
    How To Install:
    - Create Bootable CD/USB With Rufus
    - Restart PC/Laptop
    - Press Boot Key
    - Boot From Bootable CD Or USB
    - Select Option > Press Enter
    - Follow Installation Instruction Onscreen & Enjoy.

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