Spend management made simple for manufacturers

SAP Concur folds expense, travel, and invoicing into one easy solution that’s good for your people and your bottom line.

Seamless travel, expense, and invoice management

The manufacturing industry is full of challenges. Spend management doesn’t have to be one of them. With SAP Concur you can:

  • Automate processes that improve productivity
  • Manage spend and remain compliant
  • Spot cost-saving opportunities
  • Scale your business and collaborate across locations

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Avoid noncompliance penalties (and costly fines) with SAP Concur

To play by the rules, you need to know what they are. SAP Concur helps you understand best practices for expense management, remain compliant, and avoid fines that can hurt your bottom line.

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Follow the money

To control spend and avoid fraud, you need to know where every penny goes. SAP Concur lets you audit employee spend more accurately and get the full story on your organization’s spend.

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Concur Expense

Knowing where and how money is spent means faster approvals, improved supplier negotiations, increased productivity, and cost savings across your organization.

Automate expense management

Concur Travel

Last-minute plans? Itinerary changes? Urgent site visit? No problem. SAP Concur lets you manage travel easily, all in one place.

Travel with ease

Concur Invoice

Make paper invoices a thing of the past. SAP Concur lets you streamline payments, improve security, avoid penalties, and take control of your cash flow.

Simplify invoicing

SAP Concur can show you a better way to handle spend management


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Manufacturers everywhere choose SAP Concur

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