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Leadership Skills

Take your finance leadership skills and confidence to the next level with ebooks, on-demand educational webinars, and articles. In addition to the three featured resources below, make sure to bookmark our full list of top finance leadership resources.

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CFO Insights: How to Navigate Inflation

Get best practices to help your business navigate inflation.

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The Future-Ready Guide for Finance Leaders

Discover four key areas that can help you be ready for whatever comes next

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CFO Insights: How to Lead Through Uncertainty

Navigate your company through a landscape of uncertainty and risk

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Industry Knowledge

Explore the latest business trends, industry insights, and management best practices every finance leader should know.

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2024 SAP Concur Trends and Predictions

Get expert insights into AI, cutting costs, and using data to predict trends.

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Top Trends in Travel and Spend Management

Dive deep into T&E trends powering future-forward businesses.

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How Purposeful AI Use Is Building Better Businesses

Get up to speed on the new tech driving real change.

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Professional Growth

Get the expert guidance and inspiration you need to be more effective and fulfilled in your personal and professional growth. Want to dive even deeper? Check out our curated list of top professional growth resources for finance leaders, like you.

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Top Skills Every Finance Leader Needs to Succeed

Find out which skills CFOs and recruiters say you need most.

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The Fast Track to CFO

Find out how the finance leader role is changing and how to stay ahead.

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How AI Is Shaping the Future of Financial Professionals

Learn how AI can help you thrive in your role.

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The Role of CFO: Risk Manager and Storyteller

Small Business Travel Tips with Steve Strauss

Bouncing Forward with Grit with Shade Zahrai

Stay in-the-know

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SAP Concur Conversations Podcast

Hear from a range of industry experts on how to navigate today’s business travel, expense, and invoice challenges.
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Read the latest articles on controlling costs, business continuity, employee experience, and more.

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