Frequently asked questions

Get answers to your biggest questions about travel, expense, and invoice management.

What is SAP Concur?

SAP Concur develops technology that automates and integrates travel, expense, and invoice management. As part of the larger SAP family of companies, SAP Concur solutions simplify spend management and help organizations operate in more efficient and cost-effective ways.

What is the SAP Concur app?

The SAP Concur app is a simple, secure tool that allows users to manage travel, expenses, and invoicing from their iOS or Android mobile devices. Employees can easily book and manage travel, create and submit expense reports, and approve invoices — all from anywhere and at any time.

Why is expense management important?

Every business runs on good cash flow. When organizations don’t know how much cash is coming in and going out, it can lead to big problems like budget shortfalls. By using emerging technology to automate the expense management process, organizations can control spend, reduce errors and fraud, and base decisions on complete and accurate data.

What is Concur Expense?

Concur Expense is a software solution that automates business expense reporting and allows companies to take control of spending, no matter where it happens. Through this, organizations can capture spend from multiple sources, base business decisions on accurate data, and simplify the entire expense management process.

How do I enter expenses into SAP Concur?

Entering, submitting, and approving expenses in SAP Concur is a simple process.

  1. Transaction data is captured automatically from airlines, hotels, restaurants, and car companies.
  2. Employees then submit and can track expense reports from anywhere using their mobile devices.
  3. Managers review and approve expense reports from any device, which speeds up reimbursements.

What is Duty of Care?

Duty of Care is an organization’s legal obligation to protect employees from harm. For instance, when employees travel for work, it’s critical that businesses take all reasonable measures to ensure that people remain safe on the road.

What is employee fraud?

Employee fraud (or “occupational fraud”) is when an employee takes advantage of his or her position to steal company assets and benefit personally. Fraud is very difficult to detect and can take several forms, including data theft, bribery, and corruption. Even minor incidents of fraud can damage a company’s financial health.

What is a travel and expense policy?

A travel and expense policy is a written set of guidelines that are created to ensure employees know which travel-related expenses are reimbursable and which are not. When travel and expense policies are formalized and well understood, it can cut down on expense fraud and lead to significant cost savings.

What is Concur Travel & Expense?

Travel and expense costs make up a big and complex portion of an organization’s total budget. Concur Travel & Expense integrates T&E into a single, automated solution that helps organizations speed up and simplify processes, reduce errors, track and control employee spend, and see spend data all in one place.

What is an invoice management system?

An invoice management system is software that helps organizations automate and simplify the accounts payable process. By automating the capture, processing, and payment of invoices, businesses can put an end to paper invoices and manual processes, speed up approvals, reduce errors, and enforce policy compliance.