Expense fraud and compliance

Help employees comply with spending policies and make it easy for finance teams to manage inaccurate or fraudulent expense claims.

Fraud and noncompliance hurts more than your bottom line

Fraud can be a costly problem for any business. It can also take a toll on the employees responsible for ensuring that every expense is accurate and policy compliant. By implementing automated, digital tools, organizations can avoid mistakes, make life easier for finance teams, and stop fraud in its tracks.

  • Leverage AI to increase accuracy and make processes more efficient
  • Prevent fraud-related losses and maintain a healthy bottom line
  • Eliminate the need for manual reviews and help finance teams do their jobs well

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Tips to detect and prevent fraud

Preventing T&E fraud and bribery are priorities for most organizations today. To address these issues, it’s important for businesses to implement the right combination of tools, strategies, and processes. Read our eBook and see what steps you can take to manage, detect, and minimize fraud and bribery. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a business case for prioritizing fraud
  • Identify common fraudulent T&E activities
  • Work with employees to minimize accidental fraud
  • Know which audit processes will work for you now and in the future

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Fraud and compliance stats

Not every case of fraud is intentional. In some instances, it comes down to not understanding expense policies.


Number of finance leaders who understand what constitutes fraud

17+ hours

Average time spent each week fighting expense fraud


Number of employees prepared to over expense once a year


Number of employees who say their T&E policies are unfair

Six ways to drive compliance, spot fraud, and minimize workloads

Adding intelligent technology can be a big help to human auditors. As you consider this for your business, here are six things to keep in mind.

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