Data Delivery Service

Data Delivery Service customers will realize the full value of Concur data for a complete range of use cases and be able to make business decisions faster, with maximum flexibility.

Bring spending data together and take control of your company’s costs

Data Delivery Service lets you combine SAP Concur data with data from your company’s existing financial systems to see all expense data in one place. Bring data directly into your own BI tools.

  • Control spending before it hits your budget
  • Create, adjust, and enforce spending policies
  • Reimburse employees more quickly
  • Negotiate with vendors to cut costs

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Data for one, data for all

Not a data scientist? Not a problem. With Data Delivery Service, your data arrives as self-describing objects that are easy to understand and connect.

It pays to be a data-driven company

Data Delivery service maximizes analysis capabilities to optimize data.

Eighty percent of companies with mature data practices can answer data-related questions within minutes to hours (versus days to weeks or more).
Companies that have mature data practices have 2.5 times better business outcomes across the board.
Seven of the top 10 global firms (by stock market capitalization) are data-driven organizations.

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